Making a Loan - a sensible alternative to selling your jewelry

If you need a short term loan and don't want to pay the exorbitant rates of a credit card, a collateral loan on your jewelry may be for you.  We make loans on gold, platinum, diamonds, precious gems, and watches.  There is no need to sell your jewelry when you can borrow against it.  Pawning is the alternative to selling your jewelry that makes sense.

The process begins when a customer brings a piece of jewelry through our doors.  We will assess the item to determine condition and value while considering the amount sought by the customer.  If interested, we will make an offer to buy or loan and the customer may then choose to either sell the item outright, for which we will pay a higher value, or take a collateral loan on their item.  If the customer chooses to take a loan on their jewelry, the item is said to be pawned and the customer will have six months to pay back the loan plus three percent monthly interest.  Our rates are some of the lowest in the U.S. and can cost much less than a credit card or bank loan.  Loans can also be renewed at the option of the customer or can be sold for more money at a later time should they desire.

We offer more money on your jewelry than anyone, whether borrowing or selling.  We encourage you to try the rest and then come to the best.  Simply put, we will pay more than the competitors.  We pride ourselves on the finest customer service from the beginning to the end of the process.  While you jewelry is in, your mind can rest at ease because we have state of the art electronic bank vault security that ensures the safety and protection of your valuables while we hold them.

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